Board Member: Tina Epp

Board Member: Kevin McCord

Board Member: Hope Wilson

Board Member: Ida Clause

Board Member: Liz Rozelle

Board Member: Hunter Kersten

Business Manager: Nate Miller

It takes a team of dedicated members to make sure that our community is being served with nothing but the best. Our Administrative Officers include a President, Vice President and Business Manager that report to a Board of Directors. Our Operations Managers include a Director of Operations and Assistant Director of Operations that report to the Administration team.
Tina Epp


Kevin McCord

Vice President

South Seneca Ambulance

South Seneca Ambulance has an administrative team that understands the importance of community outreach and patient care follow up. An outreach person will be in touch with you at any time upon request.

Zachary Gibeau

Director of Operations

Assistant Director of Operations 

South Seneca Ambulance strives to not only keep our providers up to date with the latest clinical education, but to also provide training to the general public. CPR/AED and First Aid Classes, and Stop the bleed classes are available upon request. Our Paramedics and EMTs are provided with constant training that consists of CME (Continuing Medical Education) and quarterly skills observations. 

A Visionary Team To Ensure Success......

Community Outreach

About Us

Operations Team:

South Seneca Ambulance is the primary 911 response for the Towns of Ovid, Romulus & Lodi as well as parts of Varick and Interlaken. All emergent requests for services are made through Seneca County E911 or direct calls to the station. At least one Advanced Life Support (ALS) unit is on duty at all times.

South Seneca Ambulance also has the ability to provide pre-arranged advanced and basic level stand by ambulances for events with advanced notice for a fee.