South Seneca Ambulance

Paid and Volunteer:

Medic Assistant: Training is on going. This includes CPR training (provided). Our Medic Aides receive basic First Aid training, learn CPR skills, and become familiar with basic ambulance operations. This includes stretcher use, basic equipment familiarization and ambulance operation. You ride the ambulance and help EMT's. 

• Driver (EVOC for EMS provided)  - Volunteer                                                                                                                                         

• Medic (Basic, Advanced) - Paid and Volunteer

Emergency Medical Technician – Basic (EMT-B): Requires formal New York State Certification. The State course is approximately 120 hours of instruction. EMT's provide a basic level of care to manage illnesses, injuries, and possible life threatening situations.  Once you complete the course, you are issued a state medical license number. South Seneca provides additional training to support you to continue your education. 

Emergency Medical Technician –Paramedic (EMT-P): Requires formal New York State Certification. It is highly recommended that candidates serve as an EMT for a minimum of one year prior to application into an advanced class. Additional class and clinical time for Paramedic requires about 1,000 hours. Many advanced technicians use the 'free' training to become employed within the emergency medical services industry.